Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prison Awareness Week Oct. 20-26,2009

The Volunteers In Prison Service of the archdiocese of Palo invited the EVSO to conduct an eye clinic during the celebration of prison awareness week. We conducted the mission in Abuyog Regional Prison, Abuyog Leyte on oct 23, 2009.

This is the first time EVSO did a prison mission. We did not know the needs of the inmates. We had a limited number of eye meds so one inmate was assigned to be the one to apply the eye drops to the patients. They will have to share medications.
Volunteers in prison service due to limited budget also brought a few reading glasses.
Inmates needing surgery will be referred to EVRMC.

We offered our services to the VIPS if they would want to conduct a mission in the future. Next time we could prepare better, maybe do the surgeries in the prison infirmary. ( Cataracts, pterygium ).

Most patients seen came from the maximum security so we saw "maximun errors of refraction, "reclusion perpetua catarata".
( few days prior to the mission I asked Mrs Tita Sierras of VIPS about our safety, she assured me that we will be safe, safer than walking in downtown . This was proven during the mission. security was more than adequate and we work as if we were not in a maximum security prison )
Dr Amy suggested we go back before christmas not to do an eye clinic but share the christmas spirit. We could cook/give them aroz caldo ? ( we saw the inmates being served soup but even at a far vantage point you could tell na "malapsao" Tulo ka takus na tasa na guti. Their meal allowance is 50 pesos per day ) We also learned that soap and laundry soap is considered GOLD inside.

We wish to thank the staff of Abuyog regional prison for welcoming us and to the Volunteers in Prison service for the fellowship.

EVSO members present were Dr Amy, Dr Aries and Dr Alfred. We were assisted by Dr Larry Vera Cruz and Nurse Ruby.

Matthew 25:40

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scientific lecture, Induction of officers and new members

A scientific Lecture on glaucoma, Induction of officers and new members was held at the Hotel Alejandro ( Liberation room) Tacloban city on Oct. 10 , 2009.
This started with a business meeting at 4pm followed with dinner at 7pm.
Dr Alexander Lai Reyes lectured on the " Impact of combination drugs" and Phacoemulsification in angle closure glaucoma.
This was followed with the election of officers and induction by the PAO president Dr Reynaldo Santos.
The event was sponsored by Allergan Eyecare.

Officers for 2009-2011

Congratulations to the new set of officers for 2009-2011
President ----------------------------------- Butch Ampatin
Vice-president for Samar------------------ John Panergo
Vice-president for Leyte------------------- Nilo Campilan
Secretary------------------------------------ Alfred Lim
Treasurer----------------------------------- Elvy la Nuevo

Guest speaker and inducting officer PAO president Dr Reynaldo Santos.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cataract backlog in Eastern Visayas.

In every part of Region 8 / Eastern Visayas there is at least 1 eye md within a 100 km radius.
There may be under served areas in the region but the region is not underserved.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology " Eye Bags project "

The Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology launched the " EYE BAGS Project ". Every chapter was advised to send used convention bags to PAO to be donated to indigent school children.
With the permission of the PAO the Eastern Visayas Society of Ophthalmology decided to hold the eye bags project here in region 8.
With the help of Dr Elsa Nastor-Gerona of DepEd R8, we were able to identify a school in Palacio Dagami to be the recipients for this project.
With a membership of less than 25 eye mds, we solicited additional bags from our kind hearted colleagues from the Leyte medical society.
We were able to donate bags, school supplies, slippers, sports equipment ( 2 volleyballs, 1 soccer ball, 1 sepak takraw, 1 badminton set and 1 chess set ) to the Palacio elementary school in Palacio Dagami Leyte. ( with a population of 60 students grades 1 to 4 ).
It was a fulfilling experience for everyone just to see grateful smiles of the children.
We would like to thank the members of EVSO, Dr Elsa Nastor-Gerona of DepEd, members of Leyte medical society for their generosity Dr Judith Amparado ( vice president LMS ), Dr Leo Amparado, Dr Romulo San Gabriel, Dr Sonia Sim, Dr Antonieto Evangelista, Dr Felicisimo Abuyabor, Dr Helen Roasa, Dr Mary Antonette Picorro, Dr Leila Diaz, Dr Mabel Tan, Dr Nimfa Nuevas,Dr Rommel Bugho, Dr Joel Dumandan, Dr Henrietta Falle, Dr Larry Vera Cruz, Dr La Rhaine Viernes, Dr Earl Viernes, Dr Ma Rosita Adolfo, Dr Everly Joy Tobio,Dr Maria Pilipinas Jaya, Dr Arturo Gogo, Dr Wilfredo Liao, Dr Carol Lim and Dr Edna Ayaso

Monday, August 10, 2009

Balangiga Cataract Massacre

We conducted our mission at the Albino M. Duran Memorial Hospital in Balangiga. We appreciate the kindness and hospitality of the medical staff and personel of AMDMH headed by the chief of hospital Dr. Benedicto O Garcia.

This year's team was composed of Dr. Elmer Montes ( Team Captain) of Borongan Eastern Samar, Dr. Lemuel Gatchalian of EVRMC Tacloban, Dr. Gil Mutia of EVRMC Tacloban, Dr Lyndon Loyola of Catbalogan Western Samar, Dr Alfred Lim of Bethany Hospital Tacloban and Dr Amelia Reyes of RTR Hospital Tacloban.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Balangiga Cataract Massacre

Balangiga is located in the province of Eastern Samar. About 90 kms east of Tacloban city.

Balangiga is the site of the Balangiga massacre in 1901, which remains one of the longest-running and most controversial issues of the Philippine-American war.

The EVSO in celebration of this year's sight saving month visited Balangiga to conduct free cataract surgeries for indigent patients on august 5-7, 2009.

Dr Elmer Montes and Dr Alfred Lim conducted cataract screening 1 month prior to the mission to identify patients needing medical clearance. A total of 240 patients were screened and 58 were eligible for surgery.

Sponsor for this year's mission is the Christian Service International in cooperation with the Cataract Foundation of the Philippines thru the Resources for the Blind Inc and the municipality of Balangiga.